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Thank you for your generosity. Your donation will allow us to better educate the Las Vegas community and offer a safe environment away from negative influences. Without your continued support, our performances would not be possible.

Next year in 2011, we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary of continuing concerts in Las Vegas. We are planning a concert in our anniversary year, inviting previous members and guests, as well as new guests to celebrate with us. This project is difficult to achieve without financial assistance from the community. Contributions would be greatly appreciated at this time to be able to achieve our goal, not only in celebration of our 25th anniversary, but also to give an opportunity to continue this work in the future. The anniversary festival depends on the amount of funds we generate, so every little bit counts.

Our award-winning orchestras have volunteered their time and efforts to bring classical music to the community. Without the kind donations from our friends, it would have been impossible to keep this amazing group of young talent going strong. Once again, we are asking you to help us achieve this milestone celebration of our orchestras.

How to Donate

Please help us make this a huge event that you and your chilren will enjoy. By clicking the Donation button at the right, you will re-directed to a secure page where your information will be private and cannot be read by a third party. This website uses PayPal, the international and trusted payment and donation method.